We have available beautiful puppies from our litter G,born on 2.7.2018.

Both parents are import from country of origin with perfect health results and character.

Both have HD A, ED A, PRA-PRCD N/N.

Mother is our Areta Bean Norteynada and

the father of our babies is most succesful dog at dog shows in Europe-Rayaragua Billabong-

Junior World Winner 2013

European Winner 2014

World Winner 2015

World Winner 2016

International Champion

Champion of Czech,Slovakia,Hungary,Poland,Luxemburg etc.



litter G 






All pups have their new family. We plan next pups for summer 2018. 










Available last boy Figaro.





 Our litter F nearly 7 weeks old







   On Summer visited our Buen Amigo next bride, wonderful Muffin from kennel Wavelet. After this visit came to the world 8 wonderful babies  :-)



amigo + muffin


On Spring 2017 came to our Buen Amigo a sweet bride from far away Russia :-)

After 2 months came to the world 8 wonderful babies :-)


 buen amigo+ queca



We have puppies. Our puppies were born  on 7.th Dezember 2016.

litter E






We are expecting puppies from our Blanca Norteynada (import Spain) and our Buen Amigo Perro de Agua.Both parents are typical representatives of the breed with perfect health examinations.

 litter E




Our Buen Amigo became a proud father of puppies in Poland. For more details contact please kennel Bona Espero- www.bona-espero.pl


onda + amigo


onda štěňata



30.4.2016 International Dogshow in Prag


Buen Amigo Exc 1,CAC, CACIB, BOB




Buen Amigo Praha 30.4.2016









6.3. 2016 International Dogshow in Zielona Gora- Poland


Buen Amigo Perro de Agua EXC 1, CWC, CACIB, BOB


Amigo Polsko 6.3.2016





 We wish Merry Christmas to all :-)


Merry Christmas





New video of our puppies from litter D :-)






Our Carolina :-) Video created for new owners of this wonderful crazy angel :-) 








We prepare the puppies for their new lives in their new families. Puppies  go with us on trips, especially to their favorite place-to the pond :-) In the photos is socialization with 2 months old puppies of parson russell terier,which visited us :-)



 socialisation with pups of parson russell teriersocialisation with pups of parson russell teriersocialisation with pups of parson russell terier


socializace :-)Cairo 12 weeks  availableCarrolina available








Litter D together :-)


vrh D dohromady 





 Our litter "D" in the age of 5,5 weeks :-)


Diana, Diego,Domingo,Donatello a Dara 




Diana 5,5 tDiana 5,5 tDiego 5,5tDiego 5,5 tDomingo 5,5 tDoming 5,5 tDonatello 5,5 tDonatello 5,5 tDara 5,5 tDara 5,5 t







Our Ema (Areta Bean Norteynada) gave birth to 5 beautiful brown puppies :-) 




female 1female 2male 1male 2male 3






Female Carmen and male Cairo are waiting for their new loving family :-)

Video of them you can see here:








Today we have received pedigree for our puppies  :-) 

 pedigree Carmenpedigree Cairo 












 Our puppies are 7 weeks old

(more photos in photogallery)


Carolina                                                                                                          Carmen








Cairo                                                                                                                 Castello








Our puppies in the age of 7 weeks you can see here:







Our puppies in the age of 4,5 weeks you can see here:







Our puppies 17 days old you can see here :-)






Male from our litter A - Apolo "Perro de Agua" successfully passed in Austria first part of BH Test.

We are sending congratulations to the owners and ofcourse to "our" Apolo :-) !!!!!



Apolo-BH test

Apolo BH Test






Our puppies are already one week old :-)

More photos in photogallery

girls 1 week,holčičky 1.týdenboys first week-kluci 1.týden




We have puppies:-)

On 24.th Juni 2015 were born our sweet babies. We have 2 boys and 2 girls :-)


vrh c  litter C




In a few days we are expecting puppies from combination Blanca Norteynada and Tello de Sierra Alhamilla. We are looking forward to our new little babies :-)


Blanca + Tello



We are sending congratulations to Slovakia. Father of our litter A-Rayaragua Billabong is new World Winner 2015 from World dog show in Milan. He has also a title BOB as a best representative of the breed.

Big congratulations again!!! :-)






Our Blanca Norteynada can really enjoy walking in the nature :-D

Blanca před vycházkou/Blanca before walkingBlanca in the nature/Blanca v příroděBlancaBlancaBlancaBlanca after walking in the nature/Blanca po procházce :-)






Happy Birthday to our litter B-Bonita,Buen Amigo and Bello :-)


vrh B




Happy Birthday to our litter A-Apolo,Alvino,Amado :-)

vrh A 





In the end of October we visited with our Areta and little Amigo European dog show in Brno.

Areta Bean Norteynada EXC 1 CAC, little Amigo VN 2

Video from dogshow herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCFToYvfCLg






Tello de Sierra Alhamilla

International dog show DUO CACIB in Prague 2 November 2014

training before show :-)







Moravskoslezská národní výstava Brno - 27.9.2014,judge p.Piskay

Tello de Sierra Alhamilla-Exc 1,CAC,National Winner,BOB

 Tello NV BrnoTello NV BrnoTello NV Brno




Buen Amigo stays with us and is new member of our water team :-)

Buen Amigo 4 mBuen Amigo 4mBuen Amigo 4mBuen Amigo 4mBuen Amigo 4mBuen Amigo 4mBuen Amigo 4mBuen Amigo 4m



All puppies have new family. Good luck and lots of fun with our puppies :-)



Adrianka with Alvino

training :-)








Many thanks for beautiful photos of our puppies :-)

BonitaBonitaApoloBelloApolo Bello




Last moments with our puppies






Male Alvino available for new loving family









 World dog show Helsinki 2014

Rayaragua Billabong, the father of our litter A, exc. 2, res.CAC,4th best male of World dog show from 43 registered males!!

We are sending congratulations to kennel Wavelet!!

Rayaragua Billabong WDS 2014





Videos from first trips with our puppies :-)











The first trip of our puppies and their first swim :-)

Litter B first swimlitter B first swimlitter B first swimlitter B first swimlitter B first swimlitter B first swimlitter B first swimlitter B first swim





Our very active litter A:-)





Our puppies love the water from an early age :-)








Videos of our puppies

Litter B 6 weeks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcylJHpab8g

   Litter A 7 weeks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OMuKYP90Vk









Litter B 6 weeks-more photos in photogallery

Bello 6 weeksBonita 6 weeksBuen Amigo 6 weeks




Litter A   7 weeks-more photos in photogallery

 Amado 7 weeksApolo 7 weeksAlvino 7 weeks



Our puppies and their names


Bello                                 Buen Amigo                           Bonita

  BelloBuen AmigoBonita


                                   Apolo                                  Amado                                Alvino






7 days Old puppies during lunch :-)






We have puppies from our Areta Bean Norteynada:-)

On Thuersday, 22.th may 2014 gave our Areta a birth of 2 boys and 1 girl.

We wish also all the best for our puppies!



první dnyprvní dnyfirst days 




Our Areta Bean Norteynada before delivery of puppies :-)


Aretav den poroduAreta v den poroduAreta v den porodu



We have puppies :-)

On Thuersday, 15th May 2014 gave our Blance a birth of 3 beautiful big boys :-)

We wish all the best for our puppies!


vrh Avrh AA2 



Blanca is a few days before delivery of pups constantly hungry and happy:-) She is really enjoying this beautiful time before birth of pups :-)









 Blanca Norteynada 52.day of pregnancy. Blanca´s belly is beautifully growing.:-)

 Blanca Norteynada 52.dayBlanca NorteynadaBlanca Norteynada 52.dayBlanca Norteynada 52.day



  Blanca Norteynada 45.day of pregnancy.


Blanca NorteynadaBlanca NorteynadaBlanca NorteynadaBlanca Norteynada





Areta+Garrido breeding plan



                              We have confirmed the pregnancy of our female Areta Bean Norteynada :-)
                                       We are looking forward to the puppies in the end of May 2014:-)

We chose the stud dog for our Areta
also very long time. Proud father becomes a male from France-Garrido The Sourannya. Again, this is a beautiful and typical male with good results of health and temperament tests. Hip dysplasia HD A/A, elbow joints ED A/A, PRA-PRCD N / P and TAN (natural aptitude test). Garrido is very successful at dog shows, placed perfectly in the final competitions.He has also a lot of successes at the dog shows in the country of origin in Spain from spanish judges. Thank you very much to the owner of the kennel Sourannya for the opportunity to use this wonderful male for our breeding.

Huge thanks for  the help and friendliness, thank you,dear Pilar!!:-)






We have  confirmed the pregnancy of our female Blanca Norteynada:-)

We are looking forward to puppies around 13.th May 2014 :-)



Tello HDTello EDTello OCD



 Another member of our "water group" Tello de Sierra Alhamilla has perfect official results of HD,ED and OCD.

HD A, ED A, OCD negative!!!!




Our Tello de Sierra Alhamilla celebrated his first Birthday.


Tello de Sierra AlhamillaTello de Sierra AlhamillaTello de Sierra AlhamillaTello de Sierra AlhamillaTello de Sierra AlhamillaTello de Sierra Alhamilla







breeding plan

Thanks for beautiful mating flyer from www.moonbarks.cz



Planned mating of our female Norteynada Blanca in mid-March 2014



Rayaragua BillabongNorteynada Blanca

                                              Rayaragua Billabong                              Norteynada Blanca


We plan mating of our female Norteynada Blanca in mid-March 2014. We chose for her beautiful typical and healthy male with friendly character. He has perfect results of health tests - HD A, ED A, Patella 0/0, PRA PRCD clear. Tiago is also very successful at dog shows. He is junior World winner 2013, Champion of Slovakia,Juniorchampion of Slovakia,Grandprix Slovakia Winner, Derby Winner 2013 etc. He has also perfect rusults by final cempetitions. With his owner Viktoria they are perfect coordinated team at dog shows :-)



TiagoTiagoTiagoTiagoTiagoTiagoTiagoTiago tiagoTiago





Happy New Year 2014!!!




 International dog show in Glogow-(Poland)

Blanca Norteynada Exc 1,

Areta Bean Norteynada Exc 2, Res. Cacib

Blanca NorteynadaBlanca NorteynadaAreta Bean Norteynada







We received official export pedigree of our Tello de Sierra Alhamilla! Many thanks to the breeder of our Tello.Everything was executed in record time,many thanks!!!!

export pedigree-Tello de Sierra Alhamilla





International dog show in Prague-DUOCACIB 2.-3.11.2013


Tello de Sierra Alhamilla VP 1

 Areta Bean Norteynada Exc 1, Cajc BOB


Tello de Sierra Alhamilla VP 1

Blanca Norteynada VG 1

Areta Bean Norteynada Exc 1, Cajc BOB

Tello de Sierra AlhamillaAreta Bean NorteynadaAreta Bean NorteynadaAreta Bean Norteynada







We have another great news!!! The official result of X-ray examinations of our Areta Bean Norteynada-

HD A, ED A and Osteochondrosis negative!!!!

We are so happy,that both our girls have perfect results!!! :-)

 Areta HDAreta EDAreta OCD



The official  X-ray examinations of our Blanca Norteynada-

HD A, ED A, Osteochondrosis negative!

We are really very happy from these great results! :-)

 blanca HDblanca loktyblanca OCD








Our kennel station is the member of the club for breeders- KCHLS







Blanca export pedigree Areta export pedigree


In July we have received export pedigrees for our girls Blanca and Areta Bean Norteynada.





Tello de Sierra AlhamillaTello de Sierra AlhamillaTello de Sierra Alhamilla Tello de Sierra Alhamilla


We are very happy that we could import the other representative of the spanish water dog in to the Czech republic.It is the amazing puppy,Tello de Sierra Alhamilla. Our litte Tello bravely spent a lot of hours in the car,it was a trip over 2200 km. I would like to thank for the help with the transport to kennel Tornado Erben and to kennel El Agostadero.

Tello is the son of beautiful and very successful dog in Spain, named CH. Sur de Sierra Alhamilla.

Thank you very much for this wonderful pup to kennel Sierra Alhamilla.








Areta poprvé na výstavěAreta poprvé na výstavě Areta poprvé na výstavě

25.5.2013- We were at The International dog show in Litoměřice.Our Areta was as a visitor with us. I took her in to the ring for the first time :-)





6.5.2013-We received the official name of our kennel-

"Perro de Agua",reg.number 291/13







poprvé na výstavě

 5.5.2013-Our Blanca  visited with us The International dog show in Prague.It was her first visit of the show. I hope she will enjoy all dog shows :-)






první koupáníprvní koupáníprvní koupáníprvní koupáníprvní koupáníprvní koupáníprvní koupáníprvní koupání 

The first swimm of our girls :-)







naše Areta :-)přivítání :-)velké přivítání :-)v Praze na letišti


6.12.2012 - In December 2012 came a friend for our Blanca-Areta Bean Norteynada. :-) 

At that time we had no idea that arrived an earthquake from Spain in to the Czech republic,thanks dear Hector ! :-) :-)





 In September 2012 we spent several days in sunny Spain.

We also visited the kennel station Norteynada. There was waiting our Blanca for us.

This wonderful puppy is the first representative of spanish water dog in Czech republic imported from Spain :-)



naše Blanca :-)Španělskotaťka štěňátekv chovatelské stanici NorteynadaŠpanělskoŠpanělskoŠpanělskoŠpanělsko

Tvorba stranek pro chovatele psu moonbarks studio