The Spanish Water Dog is an almost unknown breed in Czech Republic. Our Blanca Norteynada is the 10th registered representative of a Spanish Water Dog breed in the Czech Republic and the first representative of the breed imported directly from the country of origin- from Spain. In September 2012, we spent a few days in sunny Spain and visited the Norteynada kennel where our Blanca was waiting for us.


A few years ago,one litter of Spanish Water dogs was carried out in the Czech republic,but otherwise nobody in the Czech republic actively breed these dogs. Our cattery station registered under the name of "Perro de Agua",in 2012,imported 2 females from the country of origin,from the Norteynada kennel. In the summer of 2013 another import  from Spain-a doggie named Tello de Sierra Alhamilla joined us.


We believe that our dogs are a good basis for the breeding of Spanish Water Dogs in the Czech Republic.Our goal is to breed healthy, typical dogs and mainly a perfect companion for a family.


In the Czech republic there are no compulsory health tests for breeding this breed. All our dogs intended for breeding will still be tested for hip dysplasia and elbow joints,osteochondrosis of shoulder joints and part of the health examination will be a test for PRA-PRCD ( progressive retinal atrophy).


Puppies will leave for their new homes socialised,micro chipped,dewormed and vaccinated. Of course  they will also have an international passport mentioning all vaccinations,worming and subsequent term of vaccination. All our puppies have FCI pedigree. Along with the puppy you will receive a purchase agreement and a brief article on how to take care of the puppy.


With our puppies we provide a guarantee to 2 years of age, detailed warranty conditions are listed in the purchase agreement for the puppy.


We prefer permanent contact with the owners of our puppies. For all candidates who are waiting for a puppy, we send new photos or video of growing puppies every week. If you have any questions or queries,please contact us or visit us upon prior agreement.


We provide the transport for puppies all over the country as well as abroad.


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